Advanced technologies are not complicated or slow to rework. In fact, our AT is quick, efficient, user friendly and contains a short learning curve! Applying the correct technology that enables useful organization policies which leads to growth of productivity and output of every area of your organization.

Downloading, Document management: Drawings and Specifications for each project are together Export documents as Images or to PDF – No need to create and store multiple formats on your server. Printing designed for large drawings (50%, Print view). Free Basic takeoff – Full Metric support. Documents feed directly into optional, advanced and affordable takeoff/estimating system.


QuickEye Estimator is an excellent and free viewer, document management, and takeoff tool for your members.
It’s a standalone program (not a browser plugin) for viewing the complete set of documents for a project. And it’s easy to add to your web site.


The transfer of the list of documents works similar to the way other viewers work, so in many cases, it’s a simple modification. If you are using IPIN, it’s very quick.


Auto Arrange; Auto Text; Color document support; Native Mac Support. Extremely reliable install; Works Separate from Browser – Not IE specific; Viewing, Document management and Basic Mode measuring; no charge to the Subs; Provides subs a way to bid private work too (projects not online).


QuickEye can also be used for indexing/Sheet Renaming by you or your customers. Brings you 21st Century technology. Written by a pioneer in plans online We also offer a server based, no install viewer with basic viewing features on the desktop and ‘mobile’ devices (tablet, iPad, kindle or smart phone).

QuickEye Estimator, eDocument Room & Organizer